Meet  Team  Monk

We are a team of dedicated craftsmen specializing in hand crafted, heirloom quality gaming accessories for your favorite tabletop rpg, board game, and more. With your help and the help of numerous amazing people throughout the community, we have created something that is bringing new, truly innovative creations to your games. Many of us assume multiple roles throughout our small but growing company, with a core team of highly passionate, and extremely talented individuals who love gaming and woodworking.

Teejay Gatsby - CEO, Founder and Owner, Lead Design Artist, Head of Prototype design, Master Craftsman, Marine

- One of the original founders, Teejay has always had a passion for anything crafting. A former US Marine, his attention to detail has helped bring the quality of woodworking within Master Monk to a quality unsurpassed. His travels and days living across the globe have helped him form a unique artistic view that brings a mingling of designs from many different cultures.

Max Gatsche - CFO, Founder and Owner, Head of Production, Master Craftsman, Human Resources

- One of the original founders, Max has the most experience within the company when it comes to running production and getting things done. Having worked as a project manager for over 20 years, he understands the ins and outs of finishing a project very well and how to ensure quality is never compromised. His love of woodworking has given him a talented hand at crafting anything necessary over the years, being able to create what he wants from wood, when he wants.

Diana Gatsche - Head of our Custom Game Board Department

- Diana works hard to make sure every custom game board that is produced is of the highest quality.  She personally puts every board together to ensure proper fit and color matching.

Wolf Miller - Convention Manager, Artisan Pen Turner, Journeyman Woodworker

- A convention junky, Wolf lives to be at conventions. He ensures that everything goes smoothly and that you have the best experience possible when Master Monk shows up to a convention. He has recently been lathe turning religiously and has become a seasoned pen turner with an eye for perfection.

Ed - Woodworker, Former Military

- Having recently retired after 28 years as a CW4 from the Army, Ed wanted to work with his hands and decided to join the team. He helps with the production of our Nomad's Armory line and has become the lead craftsmen for our Nomad's Dice Trays.

The Rest of our Growing Team

  • Amy - Finish Specialist

  • Dominic - CNC Operator and Finish Sander

  • Filomena - Board Craftman, Artist & Graphics Designer

  • Thomas -  CNC Operator and Finish Sander