Walnut Dice Box (Nomad's)

Walnut Dice Box (Nomad's)

This dice box is masterfully crafted from Padauk to house up to 20 standard size dice, or 26 Standard d6. Featuring strong, N52 Rare Earth Magnets setup in such a way to ensure that shaking your dice vault won't come apart! Comes with 3 foam inserts to help protect dice while in storage and from moving around in even the most extreme situations.


All Nomad's Dice Boxes fit standard sized miniatures as well!


Add-on: Text Engraving - Personalize your dice box with up to 100 characters of text.

Add-on: Additional Foam - This allows you to transform your box into 2 seperate pockets, either side by side or offset, to fit either lines of dice or pens/pencils; or to separate a miniatures from a set of 11 dice, the choice is yours!

  • Dimensions

    Length: ~6.5"

    Width: ~ 2.25"

    Height: ~1.5"

Text Engraving ($25)
Additional Foam

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