Custom Game Board

Custom Game Board

SKU: CCB-BE-4P-001

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Crafted from solid ash hardwood and aspen with felt lining, this game board was designed to feature unique art and beautiful, earthtone colors on a board that will create a gaming experience like never before. Pips are inset into the game board but are raised up just enough so they can be easily removed, to you can change pieces around without needing to pick up the board.


2-4 Player Game Board comes with the following:

  • 1 Set of (6) Edges
  • 20 Resource Hexagons (4 wheat, 4 sheep, 4 wood, 4 ore, and 4 brick)
  • 20 Numbered Pips
  • 1 Desert Hexagon
  • 1 MM Logo Robber
  • 9 Colored Ports


Important Note!: This does NOT come with cards, player pieces, or rules. You still need the official game in order to use this custom board.


Disclaimer: Our Custom Game Board is compatible with games like Catan, and is in no way affiliated with the makers of the original catan game.

  • 2-4 & 5-6 Player Description

    • 1 Set of (6) Edges
    • 1 Set of Expansion Edges (4)
    • 30 Resource Hexagons (6 wheat, 6 sheep, 6 wood, 6 ore, and 6 brick)
    • 30 Numbered Pips
    • 2 Desert Hexagons
    • 1 MM Logo Robber
    • 15 Colored Ports
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