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What is the Nomad's Magnetic Dice Tower?

Tower Lineup - Nomad's Dice Tower

Simply put, it's a dice tower that works and fits inside our Nomad's Armory system. The Nomad's Armory is a truly innovative gaming accessory that puts many of the accessories a gamer needs into one small, easily transportable, well crafted and beautiful package.

First, the tray breaks down into two pieces, that then transform into a box. From there, the dice box can fit inside. Then dice tower breaks down to the same size as a dice box, and fits inside the Armory along with the dice box. The whole thing is then held secure with a lid crafted with strong, rare earth magnets. The lid also has 2 compartments for holding a various assortment of gaming items. It can fit 2 pens/pencils, extra dice, or a combination of both. It also features a dry erase, stainless steel lid you can use for writing your character name on, or even using as a spell tracker, the choice is yours.

Our Kickstarter is bringing to life our dice tower, which will really solidify the Nomad's Armory system as a whole, and make it the most versatile accessory available that is hand crafted from wood. 

The tower also has features that are unique and innovative! Stay tuned for when our Kickstarter goes live to learn why this accessory had gamers like you at conventions talking about how they could get their hands on one of these.