Wondering What the Individual Stretch Goals Mean?

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Wood Unlocks (IE:  $55,000 ~ Katalox):

This means that wood becoms available for purchase as a full armory. We will update pictures accordingly with pricing on these unlocks. The reason we do wood unlocks is so that we are not wasting time and effort on wood we only need to make 1 tower in. At higher stretch goals, it becomes easier to bring more woods into the equation, as more people are likely to back within that wood.

New Inlay Unlocks:

At these stretch goal levels, we will release another inlay. On our last Kickstarter, having them all available at once made it more difficult to dedicate time to one inlay type. As a stretch goal, it allows us, like the woods, to open these up as more people are likely to back into an inlay the higher the funding goal goes.

Master Monk Name a Shop Tool!:

We have a lot of heavy machinery in our shops. We want to immortalize a name that the community chooses onto one of our pieces of equipment. The piece of equipment will also be voted on. Some of the things we are looking to have etched are: hand saws, cnc machine, chisels, hand planers, large planers, routers and router tables, laser machine, band saw, table saw, etc.

Wooden Master Monk Pin!:

Some of you have seen these. Some of you have these. We will be making a Kickstarter exclusive pin for every backer that has pledged for at least a dice box. For free. This pin will ONLY be available on THIS kickstarter. Next time, it will be a different pin.

Community Design for Shop Signage!:

We want this to be about community. To do that we feel it's important that we all (us and you) come together to make things that we all decided on together. The first of these ideas is shop signage that we, as a community, will vote on, have made, and hang in our shop. We will stream the event live once the sign is ordered and comes in. We are looking at doing a funny "approved" OSHA sign to hang in the shop. It's something we can look at every day and remember how you made this happen, and remember where we came from, the gaming community.

Name Etched into the Master Monk Workbench!

At this point, you guys are the best. Ever. We will take the time after the Kickstarter to  have have everyone's names (and maybe a short saying) etched into our workbench that we use everyday. This workbench doesn't exist yet, but Teejay needs a new one bad, and wants to have this in his shop. The wood will be laser etched then inlay into the workbench. Something we can look at every day, and appreciate the tremendous support you have all given in making this a reality.